Ginika’s Bridesmaids – Book Three (Ife)

Beautiful, alluring and a lover of the good life, Ife has always used men to get what she wants. She has gained notoriety as the courtesan of a wealthy man and is satisfied with the luxuries that come with it. Having recently detangled herself from Olumide, her longtime lover who strung her along for years, she looks forward to living life on her own terms. Until her path crosses with Diekola, a charming widower who comes along and sweeps her off her feet. But as her heart starts to open to him, her reputation, and ensuing blackmail from the most unlikely of people, come in the way. Does a woman with a past like hers deserve to find love?


The writer, who became an Engineer, who became an Investment Banker, who became a Fertility Spokesperson, who becameā€¦a writer …. READ MORE



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