Ginika’s Bridesmaids – Book One (Ara)

Ara is left heartbroken when her childhood sweetheart, Oye, leaves her for another woman. But she is unwilling to let go of the only man she has ever loved and is determined to do everything she can to get him back. When C.J, who is also having relationship problems with his girlfriend, comes up with the suggestion to pretend to be a couple, to get their exes jealous, Ara jumps at it gladly, both of them confident that this will be exactly the kick the people in their lives need to realise how much they love them. What begins as taking a few pictures for the ‘gram soon becomes a journey of discovery for Ara; of herself and of the very true meaning of the word love.


The writer, who became an Engineer, who became an Investment Banker, who became a Fertility Spokesperson, who becameā€¦a writer …. READ MORE



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