Ginika’s Bridesmaids: Book Four (Ozioma)

Ginika’s Bridesmaids: Book Four (Ozioma)

Loud and gregarious, Ozioma has always been the life of the party. But just as passionately as she embraces the good life is how much she also longs for a husband. And finally, at 37, she meets Onochie. Handsome, rich and Igbo, he ticks every single box on her wish list. A wedding is imminent, and she couldn’t be happier. But as family opposition rears its ugly head, unexplained sparks start to fly between Ozioma and her longtime best friend, Banji, who is the exact opposite of anything she has ever wanted, leaving her with the decision of whether to follow her head…or her heart.


The writer, who became an Engineer, who became an Investment Banker, who became a Fertility Spokesperson, who becameā€¦a writer …. READ MORE



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