Call Me Legachi – a Skyline Novel (Paperback)

Call Me Legachi – a Skyline Novel (Paperback)

Here’s the paperback version 🙂



Convinced distance is the reason her long-term relationship is failing, Legachi sets off to London on the Skyline scholarship, to reunite with her beloved Mezie. But things do not turn out the way she expects and not only does her relationship continue to go downhill when she gets there, she finds herself penniless and without reasonable accommodation. She is forced to juggle several jobs while at the same time doing everything she can to fix things with her man. But when she is hired by the handsome Doctor Roman, a single father desperate for decent childcare, it throws into question everything she thinks she feels for Mezie and everything she wants for her future. But alas, things are really never as they seem…

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